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Ok, This is the same 'bowl' as above, but designed for the beginning artist!

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Let's start with a big circle & a little circle in the middle.  Then draw 2 X's within the big circle.  These lines will be the center of each petal, & the big circle is how long each
petal will be....Easy!
Since this flower is Red, (yours can be any color you like), let's follow the Red lines now.  Draw a curved line from the tip of your pencil line down to the circle.  Look close, the red line only touches the pencil line at the tip of the petal, & only comes close at the base!  FASCINATION WITH OBSERVATION!  Kinda looks like apple slices.....
Flower petals have a smooth 'TEXTURE' which is shown here with pencil 'strokes'.  In this case, we're going to color in the petals 'lenghthwise', from the center out to the tip.  Notice, the curve of the inside pencil strokes follows the outside curve of the petals. 
Color golden in the center with
squirrly, spirally strokes!
Next, let's draw the other side of out petals.  This line starts at the tip of the petal & touches half-way down the red line of the next petal.  This creates 'OVERLAPPING' & gives a realism to your flower.
(go ahead and erase the pencil lines in your petals & the outer circle)
OK, now comes the fun part...DETAIL! Notice how the red is darkest at the very tip of the petal & where it connects with the center.  This is called 'SHADING'. Goin from dark to light like this gives the petal a slight curved look, don't you agree?
For the center, to add more fun 'TEXTURE', use a darker colored pencil & draw some
silly spirals & swirlies.
The stem is colored all light green, then just under the petals & down one side is a darker green.  Again,  this 'SHADING' creates an illusion
of a round stem.

Now you're ready to create your flower garden!!!
How to draw a really cool DAISY....
You know how sometimes it's so hard to draw a flower that's even all the way around?  When all the petals turn out to be a dfferent size?
Well, follow these simple steps and Shizamm!
A perfect enough little flower!
Very lightly, draw a straight line down the center of your paper. Then draw a big OVAL, again lightly. Now, withing that large oval, draw a smaller, skinnier oval going across the larger oval, as shown.
Erase the top of the larger oval & center line.  However, leave the center that's drawn within the bowl.  Next, erase the very bottom of the large Oval & put a 'bottom' on the bowl with a short flat line.  Let's  create  a border along the top edge with a curved line just below the top of our bowl.
The fun part, Detail!  On either side of the center line in your bowl, place two slightly curved lines.  Be sure to follow the outside curve of  each side of your bowl.
Add some circles inside that narrow border at the top of your bowl.
Now comes COLOR!  Choose any colors that make you happy!  When you're finished let's do a little SHADING to give our bowl a 3-D look to it. 
Inside the bowl, make it a little darker as shown, then at the bottom of the bowl do the same as shown.
There you go! A beautiful,
colorful, 3-D Bowl!
A SIMPLE BOWL- Form, Balance, Color & Shading
Materials Needed: A pencil, colored pencils or crayons, white paper and a smile :-)
'A SIMPLE BOWL' - Form, Balance, Value, shading, Light
Materials needed: #H & a #B pencils, paper
1. Draw line down the center of your paper, then an OVAL . Next, draw a smaller, skinnier oval going across the larger oval, as shown.
2. Erase the top of the larger oval & center, but leave the center line on the bowl.  Being mindful that your light source is coming from the right side, begain building value (dark to light) by shading the left side of the bowl first.  Tip: Start with light pencil and build your darks slowly.
Now let's create the 'BORDER' along the top of the bowl by adding a curved line just below the top of the bowl as shown.
Note: Observe how the light coming from the right will light up the left INSIDE of the bowl. And the right side of the INSIDE of the bowl will be darker.  Just the opposite of the
outside of the bowl.
The bowl will  cast a shadow as it blocks the light and is drawn as shown and very dark.
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< Light
3. Now, let's add some detail! Here I've drawn an example of what you can do.  Feel free to use your own creativitiy in adding some detail to your bowl as well. You can now add some fun spirals to the border if you like. Next, on either side of the center line in your bowl, place two slightly curved lines.  Be sure to follow the outside curve of the Oval on each side of the bowl. (this is called CONTOUR)
Now, darken every other stripe, leaving it a little lighter where the Light may be shinning on it.
Shade the inside of the bowl lighter on the left side and darker on the right side....follow the light....
There ya go...Done!
Good Job!

HOW -TO -DRAW A DINOSAUR-Tyrannosaurus Rex
Step 1: Start with drawing a CENTER LINE on your paper.  Next, draw the 'S' shape line, notice that the 'S' line is a bit wider towards the middle. Then add the 'tear-drop' shape to the 'S' line. You can add the wobbly line for the ground our Dinosaur will be standing on. OBSERVE how the 'S' line connect on the CENTER LINE.  Draw what you see.
Step 2: Now lets add the tail and tpart of the head. Follow the line, keeping in mind how the CENTER Line, lines up with everything.
Step 3: Ok, it's starting to get a little more complicated, just follow the line, one line at a time....do the legs (we'll add the feet in the next step) Let's do  half the legs to the knee.  Observe the shapes that is created & where it connects with the body. (tear'-drop shape)...The little arm is like a 'V'shape isn't it?!....Now the head...Observe the lines then draw what you see, one line at a time.

Step 4: Now leg's give him some feet to stand on! Follow the lines that come off the 'rounded' forms  of the legs from the previous step...add the claws...and the eye,teeth and tongue on the head!
Step 6: SHADING!  VALUE ! That's when he comes to life!  Now our Dinosaur becomes round and muscular!  First, let's add the spines along his back.  look at them closely how they start small then bigger, then small again. DETAILS!  OBSERVE exactly where the SHADING goes, understand why it might be darker in one place but lighter in another. Take your time....use your finger to smudge and blend your pencil lead for softness of TEXTURE. OVSERVE the TEXTURE on the skin which is created with tiny 'u' lines drawn here & there.  OBSERVE, where the LIGHT is coming from and how it falls on the body and where the SHADOWS  might be. Draw what you see!   :-)
The materials needed for this project are a piece of drawing paper, eraser and a pencil.  If you have a set of drawing pencils for  Steps 1-5 you can use an H or HB and for Step 6 use any of the B pencils which are darker for all the shadings to create a range of  VALUE  from light to dark.
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Step 1: To start our green Dinosaur, just make an 'S' shape, notice that it's a bit wider towards the middle!
Step 2: Let's give him a body & a head!  Add a 'tear-drop' shape onto the  'S' line you just drew.  Next, take a minute & look closely at the lines that make the head of the Dinosaur & draw what you see.  We'll add teeth later! grrrrr-r-r-r
Step 3: Lot's happening here! First, add the tail by drawing a line on either side of the 'S' line from the bottom of the 'tear-drop' shape, down to the end of the tail.  Dinosaurs need legs!  Study the LINES that make the leg. Observe the 'V' shapes that make the knees of the legs. Draw what you see.  Next, study the head & how the teeth & tongue all fit together, then draw what you see!
Step 4: DETAILS! Of course, he needs his little arm, notice that it's also a 'V' shape with two & a half fingers. Next, the little TRIANGLE SHAPES drawn along the top of the head & along the 'S' line which is along the back of the Dinosaur....almost to the end of his tail.
Step 5: COLOR!! Let's color him softly all over in green.  You can color the Spines (the triangle shapes) along his back with a dar braown, then the one on his head, red, Don't forget his red tongue
Step 5: MORE DETAILS! MORE COLOR! Now let's add some SHADING which will make him appear more round & realistic.  Observe, where the darker green areas are; under his tail, under his legs & arms and on his neck.  Also, look close to tthe 'Scaly' TEXTURE on his skin created by making little 'u' shapes here & there on his body using the green colored pencil tip.  Finish up with dark brown claws, dark eye, nostril, then the ground he is standing on.  Use as many colors of brown as you like in a kinda scribbled lines of overlapping colors,
makes for great TEXTURE!
Finally, the spray of two different colors of blue in the upper right corner...He's Done!!
HOW -TO -DRAW A GREEN -Tyrannosaurus Rex
For this project you'll need  a piece of drawing paper, a couple different colors of green colored pencils, a few different brown colored pencils, a couple of blues and a red one!  We'll draw our Dinosauar with a regular drawing pencil, have an eraser handy in case you change you mind on a line! :-)
HOW TO DRAW -  Bill the Cat
First, we need a straight line on your paper to build 'BILL' upon, use your ruler.  Now, look at the completed drawing of 'BILL' and let's mark the sections of his body.  From bottom to top...bottom of feet, bottom of belly, top of belly, bottom of cheeks, top of eyes...Take your time and Observe, then
Draw what you see!
Observe the symmety & lack of as you build your 'BILL' off the center line.  Starting at the bottom, the feet are big ovals with wrap around cuffs.  His legs are skinny 'triangles'.  His belly is a littls poofier on the right side...notice?  His right cheek is curved slightly in fron of the left cheek..(from our view)  Observe the lines of the doors & how they angle back to an unseen point far behind 'BILL' as well as the lines on the floor. (This is single point perspective!)  Draw the horizontal line for the botton of the wall.  Lookin good!
Let's give 'BILL' an arm..what is the shape?...kinda like a 'V; with one side very skinny against the body.  Take a moment & study the curved lines in the hand and draw what you see.  Notice the hand doesn't go much higher than the top of his tongue.  Start adding the fun DETAILS now...the dots in his eyes, the lines along his long, open mouth, his tongue, his craz hair etc....Observe and Draw what you see!
THE FINAL FUN DETAILS! Let's add some more of his crazy hair all over, the triangle shaped lines on the edges of his belly, the dark black in his mouth, the dark black in the inside of his shoe cuffs, patches on his shoes, dots on his cheeks....and the lines along the door and floor, simple to follow!  Just really study one part at a time,
Observe and Draw what you see!
Crazy BILL is here!!