Twin sisters, JAN WOOD HARRIS and DRU WOOD-GOLDEN have been combining their artistic talents for years. JAN has been immersed in her art since she was a young child.  She had shown her line of Celtic Jewelry at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach for many years.  After the birth of her 2 daughters, Mackenzie and Madison, her work became influenced by the colorful lives of children.  Hence, she began to paint her own children as well as many others. As with all her watercolor paintings and portraits,  JAN uses brilliant to subtle colors, placing her subjects in an environment of Enchanting Fantasy with reality and unreality mingling amusingly together, reflecting the subjects unique personalities and interests.  Jan has also created a line of whimsical children’s mats for that cherished photograph as well. ( 'Art Mats' page coming soon!)

DRU was an oil painter for years until she discovered the amazing palette that wood had to offer.  She uses such exotic woods with names like Cocobola, Paduuk, Zebrawood and Bubinga to name a few.  Then….Once upon day…JAN asked her sister if she could frame one of her watercolor paintings and at that point, “TWINZART” was born!  When framing JAN’S whimsical paintings, DRU’S own style is immediately noticeable as she assembles unconventional shapes for frames then meticulously carves and/or woodburns the designs as an extension of her sister paintings.  After working the wood in this fashion she applies subtle color washes to striking, illuminating colors all consistent with
the theme of the painting.   

Whether framing JAN’S imaginative paintings, your cherished photo or work of art, DRU’S craftsmanship and originality is unequaled in creating an unexpected, impressive integration of its components, in its own respective work of art.

Both JAN & DRU work with incredible imagination, a passionate attention to detail
and a high quality of Refinement.

Dance of the Daisy's
Mackenzie & Baseballs
Clark & Susan
Jan's Watercolor Portraits ~ Dru's Hand-carved Frames
Click on the Thumbnails for larger view of artwork
Japanese Woman
30"x25"  framed
Rob & Erika
12"x16 un-framed
16"x20" un-framed
22"x24" framed
John & Emmy
22"x25" framed
14"x15" unframed
Girl with Apple
The Castle
Portraits - 'Visual Storytelling'
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