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I believe the key here is to engage the children in learning the fundamentals of art through fun and successful projects. When I teach children in all age ranges, I will be planting the seeds of the fundamentals of art in ways they can understand and implement with confidence. Such as, how to create an animal using your 5 basic shapes. What is the texture of a dolphins skin and how would we show that, how do we show the texture of bark on a 
Palm tree and where does the sunlight fall on it, how light casts a shadow, 
how to shade from light to dark (Value & Shading), the use of color and color blending
 and understanding how perspective works and so much more!!!

We will build abilities and confidence with each project.  
Advancing understanding of specific techniques as it pertains to the various mediums we will be using , i.e. watercolors, watercolor pencils, oil pastels, 
soft pastels, acrylics, pencil & charcoal.

Most importantly, the students have discovered within themselves a newfound confidence and fearlessness that comes from being equipped with evolving knowledge, techniques and abilities.  This confidence will enhance
 their creativity in their artwork and these wonderful attributes can then be expanded 
into other parts of their lives as well!

Held Monthly  -  once a week          or             Held Bi-Monthly  - twice a month
All classes paid at the first lesson of each month, please 

Also was a vendor with 
~Sky Mountain Charter School National University Academy NUA 
Excel College Prep Academy,  and River Springs Charter School~

Private Lessons in MY Home 
(Payson, AZ) 
 LESSON FEES - 8-16 yrs.          Class duration is 1hr.
    $27.00 ea. lesson 
*Materials Fee $3.00

LESSON FEES Adults 17+
Class duration is 1hr. 
$40. ea
Student supplies their own materials

*Any special requests for material beyond what I supply for projects will be supplied by the student.
Private Lessons in YOUR Home    

   LESSON FEES- 8-16 yrs.          Class duration is 1hr.15min.
    $35.00 ea. lesson
*Materials Fee $3.00

LESSON FEES Adults 17+
Class duration is 1hr. 15min.
 $50. ea
Student supplies their own materials

*Any special requests for material beyond what I supply for projects will be supplied by the student.
Jan Wood Harris
Payson, AZ
In this Art Gallery/Forum, I'll be available to answer your art questions about anything you're working on in any medium (like pencils, charcoal, watercolors, oil pastels, soft pastels, colored pencils, ink, acylics or oils & more). I'll also be offering 'constructive & productive' critiques as well as special tutorials each month highlighting specific mediums and techniques for you to try on your own then upload to share here with us all! So always keep checking in as this Art Gallery & Forum evolves!
The summer of 2016 was my 16th & last year teaching at Saddleback College in their College for Kids summer program. 

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